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You can perform certain interactions with the extension when the popup is closed. Here are the default shortcuts.

NameShortcut for Linux/WindowsShortcut for Mac
Enabled/Disable ExtensionCtrl + Shift + ,⌘ + Shift + ,
Open the extension popupCtrl + Shift + .⌘ + Shift + ,

Edit shortcuts

If for some reason you would like to edit the default shortcuts mentioned above, that's possible. Below the instructions per browser.

Edit shortcuts on Chrome

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in your browser.
  2. Locate tweak in the list of extensions.
  3. Specify a new shortcut by clicking on the edit icon

Edit shortcuts on Firefox

  1. Navigate to about:addons in your browser.
  2. Click the at the top, and pick "Manage Extension Shortcuts".
  3. Locate tweak and change the setting by clicking on the targeted shortcut and typing the new key combination.

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