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Collections allow you to keep your tweak rules organized, by grouping them into folders.


This functionality is only available on paid plans. Check our plans here.

Collections management

Collections management in the left side panel

  • Add a collection: click the plus button to add a new collection.
  • Global menu: in the global menu you can access global operations on collections, such as delete all data and global import/export.
  • Quick actions via right click: rename, delete, import, export and bulk enable/disable rules inside a collection.
  • Order collections: you can drag and drop collections to reorder them.
  • Decide which collections are opened at any time: when a collection is open, the tab will appear in the main workspace. All other collections are still available to you anytime from the left panel.
  • See which collections have active rules: when a collection (closed or open) has at least one active rule, a green dot will appear near the collection name. This means that a rule can be active and working, even when the collection is closed.

Double click on the collection name to rename it.

Collections in the main workspace

Collections management in the left side panel

  • Right click on a collection tab to quick access operations on a collection level, like renaming, enable/disable all rules, etc.
  • Move rules across collections: use the menue at a rule-level to assign a rule to another collection.

Double click on the collection tab for quick access to the collections area.


  • To import/export all the collections stored in the extension, you need to export them from the global menu (at the top right).
  • To import/export a particular collection, you can do so from the later panel or through the quick actions available in the collection tab (through right click).

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