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Known limitations

We strive to provide the best possible experience for our users, but no software is perfect. This page outlines some of the known limitations of tweak, so that users can be aware of any potential issues they may encounter.

Intercepting service worker requests

tl;dr tweak does not intercept service worker requests.

If your aim is to use tweak to intercept and mock requests made from service workers, then tweak won't work for you. Due to tweak's design and platform limitations it's impossible for our extension at this time to support service workers. If this is a critical use case for you, reach out to us via email, your feedback it's very important to use.

Working with incognito

tl;dr tweak does not work in incognito.

In version 7.0.0 we migrated to Chrome Manifest V3 to ensure compatibility with the latest platform standards. However after this migration, the extension lost the capability of functioning in incognito windows. We're activelly working on finding a solution for this.

Replacing documents

tl;dr tweak is not meant to replace documents such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript files.

By design our extension is a utility to work with both XHR and fetch; those are the requests you can manipulate. Our only focus is this and our tool is especially designed and optimized for this particular use case, therefore if you work with XHR or fetch, picking tweak is a no brainer.

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