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Use tweak to

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tweak your HTTP requests, to test, develop and demo your application

Why tweak?

Fast and easy to setup

Your mock server, debugging, testing and prototyping toolkit all in one powerful extension

Mock and modify requests anytime, anywhere

Intercept requests from the very first instant your app loads and beyond! It works seamlessly, from local to production environments!. Replicate different scenarios on the fly triggered by changes in data returned by your APIs

Don't wait for the backend

You don't need to wait for backend changes! Instantly mock the backend and test it yourself in a clean and non intrusive way, no code required. Even if the backend does not exist at all you can get the job done!

Demo a product

Demonstrate a new frontend feature using data that is currently unavailable in the system.

Test and secure your web app

Battle test your web application against malformed data, perform penetration testing against your application.