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In-depth Guide to Fetch Remote Data in JavaScript

If you're getting into JavaScript and frontend development, you've probably come across many use cases where you'll need to fetch data from a remote service endpoint. Depending on the type of application you're working on, this data can come in many different shapes. For single-page applications, it's common to handle remote data in the JSON format and fetch it through HTTP requests. In this article, we want to guide you through some common patterns when handling such requests and share other tips we think are helpful.

5 Tips for Effective Puppeteer Automation

In our "Complete Guide to Test Chrome Extensions with Puppeteer", we've covered all you need to know to get you up to speed on setting up end-to-end testing for a chrome extension. The fact is that many elements of the article can be brought to traditional front-end applications.

To truly deliver to you the complete knowledge we've acquired, we've decided to write this tiny, complementary blog post, where we'll cover ad-hoc topics, let's call it tips & tricks, to help you work with Puppeteer.

Complete Guide to Test Chrome Extensions with Puppeteer

Here's what we cover in this article:

  • Motivation to perform e2e testing on browser extensions.
  • Why Puppeteer and known limitations.
  • A complete example of a functional chrome extension and a sample React application.
  • A complete example of a puppeteer + jest set up to run your automation.

All the code referenced in this article can be found in our repo tweak-extension/puppeteer-test-browser-ext.

Apps with Docusaurus 2.0 and React

Writing good documentation is a mission-critical aspect of building software these days. Whether you are writing something for yourself, for the Open Source community, or your company, it's essential to keep things documented for good reasons:

  • It makes developers more productive since they can rely on the docs to understand how to use your software.
  • It makes developing the software itself easier promoting knowledge sharing amongst developers.