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tweak anatomy

Some highlights of our UI
tweak components
  1. Minimize all: collapses/minimizes all the requests created.
  2. Regular expression toggle: when toggled on, you can specify a Regular Expression to match against the request URL. Don't worry about typos, we will give you instant feedback on whether your regular expression is valid or not.
  3. Number of requests successfully intercepted: if you're seeing the 0 value after trying to intercept a request it means that you might have a mismatch on your configuration, double check the request URL and the selected HTTP method to ensure everything is ok.
  4. Row Options: here you have the additional options of duplicating or deleting a configuration.
  5. Delay request by: allows you to delay the request interception by as many milliseconds (ms) as specified
  6. Request payload: for POST, PUT or PATCH requests, you can specify here the request payload.

Video Tutorials

Some short and straight to the point videos to get you up to speed!

How to intercept HTTP requests with tweak extension

How to intercept a POST request specifying the body with tweak

How to change the response status and content-type header in tweak

Do you want to try it yourself in our test application? Here you can access the website that we use in our video demonstrations.
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